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Thin Fit Case for Galaxy S21 Plus

  • Tk. 1,499

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Brand: Samsung

Product Code: GGI0011550

In a world of bulky phone cases, the Spigen Thin Fit Case for Galaxy S21 Plus is a minimalist standout. This sleek and lightweight case provides essential protection without sacrificing the phone's slim profile, ensuring your device remains stylish and comfortable to hold.

Highlighting Features

Minimalist Design: Embrace the original beauty of your Galaxy S21 Plus with the Thin Fit Case's ultra-slim profile that adds minimal bulk to your phone.

Everyday Protection: A rigid exterior shields your phone from everyday scratches and scuffs, keeping it looking pristine and new.

Precise Cutouts: Experience seamless operation without interference, thanks to precise cutouts that provide easy access to all ports, buttons, and sensors.

Wireless Charging Compatible: Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging without removing the case, maintaining your phone's sleek form factor.

Screen Protector Friendly: The Thin Fit Case perfectly complements Spigen screen protectors, offering complete 360-degree protection for your phone.

Enhanced Grip: The Thin Fit Case's textured surface provides a secure grip, preventing accidental drops and ensuring your phone stays firmly in your hand.

Durable Construction: Spigen's reputation for quality is evident in the Thin Fit Case's durable construction, ensuring long-lasting protection.

Slim Profile: The Thin Fit Case maintains the Galaxy S21 Plus's original slim profile, allowing it to slide effortlessly into pockets and purses.

Lightweight Design: The Thin Fit Case's lightweight construction ensures your phone remains comfortable to hold and carry throughout the day.

Variety of Colors: Choose from various stylish colors to match your style and complement your Galaxy S21 Plus.


The Spigen Thin Fit Case for Galaxy S21 Plus is the epitome of minimalist protection, providing essential defense without sacrificing the phone's sleek design. Its ultra-slim profile, precise cutouts, and wireless charging compatibility make it the perfect choice for those seeking a balance between style and protection. Experience the Thin Fit Case and discover how less is truly more when safeguarding your Galaxy S21 Plus.


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