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Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

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Brand: Apple

Product Code: GGI0012453

Encase your iPhone 13 Pro Max in a fusion of exceptional clarity and unwavering protection with Spigen's Ultra Hybrid Case. This sleek and stylish case seamlessly blends a hybrid construction, military-grade drop protection, and anti-yellowing technology, ensuring your device remains safeguarded against everyday hazards while showcasing its stunning design.

Features and Overview

Slim and Hybrid Construction for Everyday Comfort: Experience a slim and comfortable grip with the Ultra Hybrid Case's hybrid construction. The case is crafted from a combination of lightweight and durable materials, ensuring a comfortable hold without adding unnecessary bulk.

Anti-yellow Blue Resin for Long-lasting Clarity: Shield your iPhone 13 Pro Max from yellowing and maintain its crystal-clear appearance with the Ultra Hybrid Case's anti-yellow blue resin. The advanced resin effectively resists discoloration, preserving the case's transparency and allowing your device's original design to shine through.

Slim and Grip-Friendly Design for Secure Handling: Maintain a secure grip on your iPhone 13 Pro Max with the Ultra Hybrid Case's slim and grip-friendly design. The case's textured surface enhances grip, reducing the risk of accidental drops and ensuring a confident hold on your device.

Mil-grade Certified Drop Protection with Air Cushion Technology®: Safeguard your iPhone 13 Pro Max from even the most severe falls with the Ultra Hybrid Case's military-grade drop protection certification and Air Cushion Technology®. This advanced technology effectively absorbs impact energy, dispersing force and protecting your device from damage caused by drops, bumps, and falls.

Wireless Charging Compatible for Effortless Power: Enjoy seamless wireless charging compatibility with the Ultra Hybrid Case. The case's precise design allows for unobstructed wireless charging, eliminating the need to remove the case for every charge.

Precise Cutouts for Unhindered Access: Maintain seamless access to all ports, buttons, and speakers with the Ultra Hybrid Case's precision cutouts. The cutouts are meticulously crafted to ensure unobstructed access to all your device's functions, allowing you to interact with your iPhone 13 Pro Max without any hindrance.

Raised Bezel for Enhanced Camera Protection: Shield your iPhone 13 Pro Max's delicate camera lenses from scratches and scuffs with the Ultra Hybrid Case's raised bezel design. The raised bezel effectively lifts the cameras off flat surfaces, minimizing the risk of scratches and scuffs.

Durable and Long-lasting Construction: Enjoy long-lasting protection with the Ultra Hybrid Case's durable and resilient construction. The high-quality materials resist wear and tear, ensuring your case remains in pristine condition for extended use.

Crystal-clear Clarity for Uncompromised Style: Preserve your iPhone 13 Pro Max's sleek and elegant design with the Ultra Hybrid Case's crystal-clear transparency. The transparent back allows your device's original beauty to shine through, complemented by the case's slim profile.

The Ultimate Fusion of Clarity, Protection, and Style: Experience the ultimate combination of exceptional clarity, unwavering protection, and a slim profile with Spigen's Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max. Safeguard your device with exceptional defense while showcasing its stunning design and maintaining a comfortable grip.


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