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GlastR EZ fit Optik pro Lens Protector for iPhone 15 Plus/15/14 Plus/14 (2 Piece)

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Brand: Apple

Product Code: GGI0014194

Spigen's Glas TR EZ fit Optik Pro Lens Protector safeguards your iPhone's delicate camera lens from scratches, impacts, and unwanted reflections. It seamlessly blends 9H tempered glass, a precise EZ Fit tray for effortless installation, and advanced anti-flash reflection technology, ensuring your device's camera lens remains safeguarded while maintaining its exceptional image quality. Capture life's precious moments without worrying about damaging your camera lens.

Key Features

Unwavering Protection with 9H Tempered Glass: The Glas tR EZ fit Optik Pro Lens Protector's 9H tempered glass construction provides exceptional scratch resistance and impact protection for your iPhone's camera lens, giving you peace of mind against everyday wear and tear.

EZ Fit Tray for Precise and Easy Installation: The included EZ Fit tray makes it easy to install a lens protector on your iPhone. The tray ensures that the protector is aligned correctly and fits snugly, so you can protect your camera lens without any hassle.

Oleophobic Coating for Fingerprint Resistance: The lens protector's oleophobic coating keeps your camera lens clean and fingerprint-free, making it easy to clean and preventing smudges from interfering with your photography. This allows you to capture clear, unobstructed images.

Anti-flash Reflection for Clear Photos with Flash: Take beautiful photos even in low light with the lens protector's advanced anti-flash reflection technology, which prevents unwanted glare and ensures clear, vibrant images. You can capture every moment without sacrificing quality.

Compatible with iPhone 14 / 14 Plus (2022): The Glas tR EZ fit Optik Pro Lens Protector provides comprehensive protection for your iPhone 14 or 14 Plus without compromising on compatibility or adding bulk. It seamlessly integrates with your iPhone to provide a perfect fit.

Two Lens Protectors and a Cleaning Set Included: Your package includes two lens protectors, one for you to use and one to keep as a spare or share with a friend. It also includes a convenient cleaning set to keep your lens protector clean and clear. This way, you'll always have a spare lens protector on hand and your camera lens will be clean for optimal image quality.

Unwavering Protection against Scratches and Impacts: The Glas TR EZ fit Optik Pro Lens Protector's durable 9H tempered glass construction provides unwavering protection against life's little mishaps, safeguarding your iPhone's camera lens from everyday scratches, bumps, and accidental drops.

Maintain Exceptional Image Quality: The lens protector's crystal-clear transparency and advanced anti-flash reflection technology will allow you to capture sharp, vibrant images without sacrificing image quality, ensuring that your photos and videos are pristine and true to life.

Effortless Cleaning and Fingerprint Resistance: The oleophobic coating on the lens protector makes it easy to wipe away fingerprints and smudges, keeping your camera lens clean and clear so you can capture life's moments without obstructions.

Embrace Unwavering Protection, Effortless Installation, and Exceptional Image Quality: The Glas tR EZ fit Optik Pro Lens Protector is a high-quality lens protector that provides exceptional protection against scratches and impacts. It is easy to install using the EZ Fit tray, and it does not affect the image quality of your iPhone's camera. The protector will keep your camera lens safe and scratch-free, so you can take stunning photos and videos without worry.


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