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Glas tR EZ Fit Full Cover Screen Protector for iPhone 15 (2Pcs)

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Brand: Apple

Product Code: GGI0015459

Spigen's Glas tR EZ Fit Screen Protector for iPhone 15 provides a new level of protection and privacy. This innovative screen protector seamlessly combines exceptional clarity, robust scratch resistance, and a hassle-free installation process, ensuring that your device's pristine display is protected while your personal information is safeguarded from prying eyes.

Main Features:

9H Tempered Glass for Unwavering Durability: Enjoy peace of mind with the screen protector's tempered glass construction, boasting a 9H hardness rating that effectively resists scratches and abrasions.

Oleophobic Coating for Smudge-Free and Fingerprint-Resistant Display: Maintain a clean and clear screen with the screen protector's oleophobic coating, ensuring a responsive display free from smudges and fingerprints.

Hassle-Free Installation with EZ Fit Tray: Experience a quick and easy installation process with the included EZ Fit tray, precisely aligning the screen protector onto your iPhone 15's display.

Two Refills and Cleaning Wipes Included: Keep your device protected with two refills and cleaning wipes, ensuring you're always prepared to maintain a pristine display.

Crystal-Clear Transparency for Uncompromised Visuals: Showcase your iPhone 15's stunning display with the screen protector's transparent construction, allowing its natural beauty to shine through without compromising clarity.

Privacy Protection for Enhanced Security: Shield your personal information from prying eyes with the screen protector's privacy technology, limiting screen visibility to those directly in front of the device.

Enhanced Touch Responsiveness: Experience seamless touch responsiveness with the screen protector's ultra-thin design, ensuring effortless operation and no delay.

Bubble-Free Application: Enjoy a smooth and seamless application with the EZ Fit tray, eliminating air bubbles and ensuring a flawless installation.

Compatibility with Spigen Cases: Maintain seamless compatibility with a wide range of Spigen cases, ensuring complete protection without sacrificing style or functionality.

The Ideal Blend of Protection, Privacy, and Ease of Installation: Experience the perfect fusion of unwavering protection, enhanced privacy, and effortless installation with the Glas tR EZ Fit Screen Protector for iPhone 15.


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