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Optik Lens Protector for Galaxy Z Flip 3 + Hinge Film

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Brand: Samsung

Product Code: GGI0012736

Boost the protection of your Galaxy Z Flip 3 with Spigen's Optik Lens Protector, a high-quality tempered glass shield that shields your phone's cameras from scratches and everyday wear and tear. 

The Optik Lens Protector features a clear, flat design and an anti-fingerprint coating to ensure your cameras retain their crystal-clear clarity and functionality.

Features and Overview

Premium Tempered Glass: Crafted from durable tempered glass, the Optik Lens Protector provides exceptional scratch resistance, keeping your camera lenses free from blemishes.

Clear and Flat Design: The Optik Lens Protector maintains the original look of your Galaxy Z Flip 3's cameras, ensuring no unwanted bulk or interference with your photography.

Anti-Fingerprint Coating: Enjoy a smudge-free and fingerprint-resistant surface, keeping your camera lenses clean and clear for optimal image capture.

Easy Application: Apply the Optik Lens Protector in seconds with its strong and secure adhesive. The included installation kit ensures a precise and bubble-free application.

Compatible with Spigen Cases: Use the Optik Lens Protector with any of your Spigen Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases without any hassle. It's designed to fit seamlessly with your existing Spigen protection.

Enhanced Scratch Protection: Protect your Galaxy Z Flip 3's cameras from accidental scratches and scuffs caused by keys, coins, or other hard objects.

Preserve Camera Clarity: Maintain the pristine clarity of your camera lenses, ensuring your photos and videos remain sharp and true to life.

Fingerprint-Free Experience: Capture flawless images without the distraction of fingerprints on your camera lenses.

Effortless Installation: Apply the Optik Lens Protector with ease and precision using the included installation kit.

Seamless Compatibility: Enjoy uninterrupted protection with your existing Spigen Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases.


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