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Thin Fit Case for Galaxy S23 Ultra

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Brand: Samsung

Product Code: GGI0014639

Spigen's Thin Fit Case for Galaxy S23 Ultra is the perfect balance of slim protection and minimalist style. This ultra-thin and lightweight case provides everyday scratch defense without adding unnecessary bulk, ensuring your Galaxy S23 Ultra remains stylish and secure.

The Thin Fit Case is made from a durable TPU material that is resistant to scratches and abrasions. It also features a raised bezel around the screen and a camera lens to protect these vulnerable areas from impact.

Specs & Features

Unparalleled Slimness: Experience the ultimate in slimness with the Thin Fit Case, meticulously designed to add minimal bulk to your Galaxy S23 Ultra. The case's ultra-thin profile preserves the device's sleek form factor, allowing it to slip effortlessly into your pocket or bag.

Lightweight Construction for Effortless Portability: Maintain the lightweight feel of your Galaxy S23 Ultra with the Thin Fit Case's lightweight construction. The case's featherweight design ensures your device remains portable and comfortable to carry, without feeling weighed down.

Everyday Scratch Defense: Protect your Galaxy S23 Ultra's delicate surface from everyday scratches and scuffs with the Thin Fit Case's rigid exterior. The case effectively deflects minor scratches and abrasions, keeping your device looking pristine.

Precise Cutouts for Unhindered Functionality: Maintain easy access to all ports, buttons, and speakers with the Thin Fit Case's precise cutouts. The case's design doesn't interfere with everyday usage, ensuring you can easily access all your device's features without any obstructions.

Tactile Buttons for Enhanced Grip and Click Response: Experience enhanced grip and responsive button presses with the Thin Fit Case's tactile buttons. The raised buttons provide a satisfying click and prevent accidental presses, ensuring smooth operation of your device's controls.

Compatible with Wireless Charging: Enjoy seamless wireless charging without removing your case. The Thin Fit Case is designed to work flawlessly with wireless chargers, allowing you to power up your device effortlessly.

Spigen Screen Protector Compatibility: Maintain comprehensive protection for your Galaxy S23 Ultra with the Thin Fit Case's compatibility with Spigen screen protectors. The case allows for seamless installation of Spigen screen protectors, ensuring your device is shielded from all angles.

Minimalist Design for Unimpeded Aesthetics: Preserve the original beauty of your Galaxy S23 Ultra with the Thin Fit Case's minimalist design. The case's slim profile and subtle branding allow the device's sleek design to shine through without distractions.

Unobstructed Touchscreen Sensitivity: Experience uninterrupted touchscreen responsiveness with the Thin Fit Case's ultra-thin design. The case's lightweight construction doesn't interfere with touch interactions, ensuring smooth and seamless navigation.

Precisely Designed for Galaxy S23 Ultra: This case is meticulously crafted to fit the Galaxy S23 Ultra perfectly, ensuring precise cutouts for all ports, buttons, and speakers without compromising functionality.


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