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Neo Flex Screen Protector for Galaxy S22 Ultra (2Pcs)

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Brand: Samsung

Product Code: GGI0013565

Secure your Galaxy S22's brilliant display with Spigen's Neo Flex HD Screen Protector. This meticulously crafted shield provides unwavering protection against everyday scratches, cracks, and impacts while maintaining the device's exceptional touchscreen responsiveness.

The Neo-Flex HD Screen Protector is ultra-thin and durable and features a revolutionary wet installation method for bubble-free application and zero lifting. This ensures a flawless fit and uninterrupted functionality.

Specs & Features

Seamless Compatibility with Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor: Experience uninterrupted fingerprint recognition with the Neo Flex HD Screen Protector's advanced design. The protector is fully compatible with the Galaxy S22's ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, ensuring seamless authentication without any interference.

Bubble-free Application with Wet Installation: Enjoy a flawless and bubble-free installation with the Neo Flex HD Screen Protector's innovative wet installation method. The wet installation process effectively eliminates air bubbles, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal clarity.

Zero Lifting for Uninterrupted Protection: Rest assured that the Neo Flex HD Screen Protector will stay securely in place, providing unwavering protection against everyday hazards. The wet installation method eliminates any potential lifting or peeling, ensuring long-lasting protection.

Preserves Crystal-clear Clarity with Zero Glares: Experience unparalleled clarity with the Neo Flex HD Screen Protector's high-transparency design. The protector maintains the device's vibrant display without any glares or rainbow effects, ensuring an optimal viewing experience.

Self-healing Technology for Scratch and Fingerprint Resistance: Shield your Galaxy S22's display from minor scratches and fingerprints with the Neo Flex HD Screen Protector's advanced self-healing technology. The protector's resilient surface effectively repairs minor imperfections, keeping your screen looking pristine.

Compatible with All Spigen Cases: Maintain compatibility with your choice of Spigen case without compromising protection. The Neo Flex HD Screen Protector is designed to work seamlessly with all Spigen cases, ensuring a perfect fit and uninterrupted functionality.

Includes Instruction Manual for Hassle-free Installation: Experience a hassle-free installation process with the included instruction manual. The manual provides clear and detailed instructions for the wet installation method, ensuring a successful application.

Precise Cutouts for Unhindered Functionality: Maintain easy access to all ports, buttons, and sensors with the Neo Flex HD Screen Protector's precise cutouts. The protector is meticulously designed to fit the Galaxy S22 perfectly, ensuring unhindered functionality.

Edge-to-edge Protection for Comprehensive Defense: Experience comprehensive edge-to-edge protection with the Neo Flex HD Screen Protector's full-coverage design. The protector extends to the curved edges of the Galaxy S22, safeguarding the entire screen area.

Easy Removal without Residue: Remove the Neo Flex HD Screen Protector without leaving any unwanted residue. The protector's adhesive leaves no sticky marks behind, ensuring a clean and hassle-free removal process.


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