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Paper Touch Screen Protector for iPad Air 10.9 (2Pcs)

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Brand: Apple

Product Code: GGI0011687

With Spigen's Paper Touch Screen Protector, you can enjoy a seamless note-taking and sketching experience on your iPad Air 10.9. The screen protector transforms the glass surface of your tablet into a paper-like canvas, replicating the natural friction and resistance of paper for an unparalleled writing sensation.

Specs & Features

Paper-like Writing Sensation: Rediscover the joy of traditional writing with the Paper Touch Screen Protector's textured surface. The meticulously crafted film mimics the feel of paper, making writing and sketching a natural and intuitive experience.

Enhanced Precision and Control: Elevate your writing and drawing precision with the Paper Touch Screen Protector's tactile feedback. The textured surface provides greater control over your stylus movements, enabling finer details and enhanced accuracy.

Reduced Glare for Clearer Viewing: Experience a clearer and more immersive viewing experience with the Paper Touch Screen Protector's anti-glare treatment. Minimize reflections and enjoy improved readability, even in brightly lit environments.

Fingerprint Resistance for a Smudge-free Display: Maintain a pristine and smudge-free screen with the Paper Touch Screen Protector's effective fingerprint resistance. The anti-fingerprint coating repels fingerprints and smudges, keeping your display clear and easy to view.

Effortless Bubble-Free Installation: Enjoy a hassle-free installation process with the included exclusive application kit. Precise alignment tools and a squeegee ensure a flawless application, even for beginners.

Seamless Compatibility with Spigen Cases: Integrate the Paper Touch Screen Protector seamlessly with your Spigen case for comprehensive protection. The screen protector is specifically designed to fit perfectly with Spigen cases, eliminating interference and compatibility issues.

Enhanced Scratch Protection: Shield your iPad's delicate display from scratches and damage with the Paper Touch Screen Protector's durable construction. The tempered glass material provides superior scratch resistance, safeguarding your screen from everyday wear and tear.

Unhindered Touchscreen Sensitivity: Experience uninterrupted touchscreen responsiveness without compromising the Paper Touch Screen Protector's paper-like texture. Advanced technology ensures that your iPad's touchscreen remains as sensitive and responsive as ever.

Preserve Your iPad's Original Display Clarity: Enjoy the stunning visuals of your iPad's display without any distortion or haziness. The Paper Touch Screen Protector is crafted to maintain your iPad's original display clarity and vibrant colors.

Double the Protection: This product comes in a pack of two, providing double the protection for your iPad Air 10.9. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a spare screen protector in case of damage or accidents.


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