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Neo Hybrid Crystal Case for Google Pixel XL

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Brand: Google

Product Code: GGI0006552

In a market of bulky cases, the Neo Hybrid Crystal Case for Google Pixel XL is a breath of fresh air. This innovative case offers the best of both worlds: crystal-clear transparency to show off your Pixel XL's stunning design, and military-grade protection to shield it from everyday bumps and drops.

Specs & Features

Dual-Layer Defense: Experience the perfect harmony of flexibility and durability with the dual-layer construction. A clear TPU inner layer absorbs shock, while a metallic polycarbonate back adds strength and style.

Fingerprint Friendly: Unlock your Pixel XL with a breeze thanks to the beveled, circular opening around the fingerprint sensor. It allows for quick and accurate recognition without compromising on the case's sleek design.

Button Bliss: Say goodbye to mushy buttons! The Neo Hybrid Crystal Case features pronounced buttons that provide a satisfying click and easy access, even with gloves on.

Elevated Protection: Rest assured that your screen and camera are shielded from scratches and surface damage. The raised lip surrounding them creates a slight bump, keeping them safe from direct contact with surfaces.

Military-Grade Defense: Don't let everyday drops give you chills. This case boasts mil-grade standard protection, meaning your Pixel XL can withstand accidental falls and impacts with confidence.

Wireless Charging Breeze: Power up without removing the case. The Neo Hybrid Crystal Case is compatible with all wireless chargers, so you can ditch the cables and enjoy effortless charging.

Pocket-Perfect Profile: Maintain your Pixel XL's slim and sleek profile. This case adds minimal bulk, making it easy to pocket and carry without feeling weighed down.

Precise Cutouts: Enjoy unobstructed access to all ports, buttons, and speakers. The Neo Hybrid Crystal Case features meticulously crafted cutouts that ensure seamless functionality of your Pixel XL.

Durable Construction: Built to last, this case is crafted from high-quality materials that resist scratches, scuffs, and discoloration, keeping your Pixel XL looking pristine for longer.

A Pixel Perfect Fit: Designed specifically for the Google Pixel XL, this case hugs its contours perfectly. No gaps, no slips, just pure protection and style in perfect harmony.

With the Neo Hybrid Crystal Case, you don't have to sacrifice protection for beauty. This case offers crystal-clear clarity, military-grade defense, and convenient features, all in one exceptional package. Your Pixel XL will shine through the case, protected and unhindered.


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